What Jua Cali Said About Wahu and Amani Getting Saved

March 23, 2018

Genge rap veteran Jua Cali has offered his support to songbirds Wahu and Amani following their switch to the gospel industry.

Jua Cali, who is one of the music industry’s pioneers and has shared the stage with the duo, said: “Being saved is something very personal.”

He added: “You can never know about what goes in the person’s mind. I can only say I wish them success. It’s another world, you have to understand it.”

The rapper also dispelled reports that the songbirds’ switch to gospel is largely motivated by money.

“It’s not like they’ll be doing gospel because of money.

“It’s also another industry and you know there are those who wouldn’t want you to get into the business of music itself,” said the “Woyoyo” hitmaker.

Jua Cali added: “If they release songs and albums, we will buy.”

The rapper was speaking at the Guinness fan zone event that took place in Meru last weekend.

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