Watch: Sonko Gets Valuable Insight on How Traffic in Dubai is Controlled

February 23, 2018

While Dubai and Nairobi are a world apart in terms of infrastructure and development, Nairobians are dreaming of what could be after a rare and insightful sneak peek at how traffic is controlled in the United Arab Emirates.

This was offered by Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko in a video recorded in the UAE as he received some thought-provoking tips from a Kenyan working as a security guard in the country.

In the 4-minute clip, the unidentified man is seen explaining to Sonko how traffic is controlled and monitored using security cameras controlled by Radar Security Company.

The man explains to Sonko how traffic offenders are arrested, how buses operate in the city, how pedestrians who don’t use footbridges are tracked down, and more.

Sharing the video on his Facebook page, Sonko asked Nairobians, “Do you think one day we shall reach here?”

While some urged the County Boss to learn from Dubai to solve the Nairobi traffic mess, others were downright¬†pessimistic about Nairobi’s ability to attain such high standards.

One fan wrote: “Mheshimiwa it is possible if you have the will and self-drive.Ensuring your inner circle is made up of friends with integrity.Completely eliminate and cutting all conduits of corrupt leaders and cartels siphoning funds meant for development.”

Another added: “With the rate at which money is disappearing even before leaving the hands of the deliverer (Government) there will never be change. Nothing will ever come to pass.”

A third proposed; “we need the private sector to come in with the high tech features but we can start with more innovative local solutions- less high tech and affordable in the short run.”

“Yes your Excellency, we can. what we need to is be passionate about the idea and the will, make the right policies and decisions to get there,” added another.

Watch the video below.


This is how traffic flow is being controlled in the UAE. Do you think one day we shall reach here?

Posted by Mike Sonko. on Thursday, February 22, 2018


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