Wakianika Tunafunika: Boychild Fights Against Slay Queen Thirst-Traps With Hilarious Campaign[PHOTOS]

February 7, 2018

You know things are bad for the boychild when they start getting tired of sexy and suggestive female pictures on the internet. That seems to be the case if this recent boychild campaign is anything to go by.

Dubbed ‘Wakianika Tunafika’, Swahili for ‘If They Expose We Cover’, the trend involves covering and blurring pictures that are deemed thirst traps.

Led by the self-styled President of the Boychild welfare, blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, Kenyan men are taking a stand and saying enough is enough with the teasing without the pleasing.

Here are some of the best pictures from the creative #WakianikaTunafunika trend. Boychild 10: Slay queen 0.


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