“Untouchable” City Conductor Has Three Similar Assault Cases Pending in Court

February 16, 2018

If you’re a regular Facebook user, you’ve likely come across a viral post about a certain “untouchable” city tout. The man, identified as Felix Mwingirwa, is said to have attacked and seriously injured a passenger on January 30 at the Nairobi Tea Room bus terminus.

The viral post reads:

“On 30th January, a young man went to board UNIQUE shuttle to Meru. At tea room, he decided to board a different shuttle. Then a tout by the name FELIX MWINGIRWA 0723860533 who apparently is untouchable and walks away with everything and anything, beat this young passenger to near death, he smashed his head on the windscreen and then hit his head on the barricade steel metal that cracked his skull..was able to call an ambulance but still the guy didn’t want the medics attend to him. The young man is fighting for his life in KNH.”

This was followed by a social media uproar from Kenyans who demanded that the notorious tout be brought to book.

Following the demands, police have now responded and revealed that Felix is a repeat offender with three cases pending in Court.

A police statement posted on Twitter reads: “We are in receipt of the post below and we are following up with OCS Central Police. The man in question has been charged in court three times with similar offences, the cases are pending in court.”

Central Police boss Robinson Thuku confirmed detectives were following up the matter. He noted that the victim had not reported the incident.

“We are following up the matter. We were not aware until it went viral and that is because the victim did not report the incident. We have sent somebody to Kenyatta National Hospital to trace the victim,” said Thuku.

“The suspect has similar cases (pending in court) of assaulting passengers in the same area.”

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