Team Mafisi: Here’s What You Need to Do to Get Huddah’s Number

February 16, 2018

If you ever wanted to vibe with Huddah Monroe, here’s your chance.

The petite beauty is changing her phone number and has challenged those who want it to work hard for it. The self-styled Boss Chick made the revelation through her snap chat where she said that everyone asking for her number will have to go through a test of some sort.

To get her number, one will have to will have to explain themselves in 360 words and answer a series of questions.

Describing herself as the first female President of Kenya, Huddah joked: “Changing my numbers too. Lol! To have my number one must sweat! And explain themselves in 360 words. Who are you, what do you want? Why the fuck should you be in contact with me the First Female President of Kenya?”

The popular girl-about-town has in the recent past been saying she has had enough of fake people around her and it is time for a clean slate.

She has since deleted her Instagram pictures leaving behind three posts about her cosmetics products.

Just last month, she revealed why she doesn’t date Kenyan men hinting that her countrymen are stingy.

“I don’t date Kenyans. Don’t know the last time I was ever with a Kenyan,” she said.

“I consider all Kenyan men my brothers…Coz if you can’t help my business or my life, then what are we?…Siblings.”

Huddah has also been a strong advocate of women empowerment saying that they should stop depending on men for everything.

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