PHOTO- Jua Cali’s Wife Embraces Breastfeeding in Public Without Shame

February 22, 2018

Show me a woman who is unafraid of breastfeeding in public and I will show you Jua Cali’s wife, Lilly Asigo.

The mother of three is currently breastfeeding the couple’s two-month-old daughter. Lilly and the veteran rapper welcomed baby Abby in December last year.

Abby is the third born after Evans and Doreen who are named after the JuaCali’s deceased father Evans Onditi and his mother Doreen Onditi.

Being her third time breastfeeding, Lilly has taken a firm stand against the stigma often associated with breastfeeding in public.

She says that her daughter comes first and that she has no reservations about taking her breast out to feed Abby.

Lilly took to social media to proudly share a pic as she fed her daughter and wrote: “Haya sina, hii tunachomoa anapotaka. Hata nikitembea pia nitatoa tu.”

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