Muhoho High School Student Ordered to Buy 1000 Loaves Re-admitted

February 20, 2018

Muhoho High School has been forced to unconditionally readmit a student who allegedly stole a loaf of bread from the institution’s dining hall last week.

The school’s Deputy Principal suspended the form three student last Thursday and ordered him to report back with 1,000 loaves of bread as punishment.

The student, identified as Dennis Mwaura, was also required to clear his outstanding fees before he could be re-admitted.

The suspension was greeted by an uproar from Kenyans after the student’s story was shared on social networking sites.

But on Monday, Kiambu County Education Director Ali Abdikadir intervened. The education official directed the administration of the Gatundu South school to discipline the student in line with rules and regulations.

“The child will not have to pay outstanding fees or buy loaves of bread as claimed in the letter suspending him,” Abdikadir said yesterday.

Abdikadir further urged the school to take the student through guiding and counseling so he can shun bad behavior for his own good.

 “In education, discipline results from a set of rules and regulations that remind students of the proper code of behaviour,” he noted.

“Without learning and ensuring discipline in school, [students end up paying the price] later in their careers.”


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