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February 7, 2018

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Dow futures fall 250 points as Wall Street braces for another bad day

Dow futures slumped about 250 points on Monday morning, deepening the volatility that emerged last week because investors are worried about bond market turmoil. After starting 2018 with a bang, last week was Wall Street’s worst week in two years.

Pentagon mistakenly labels Taiwan as part of China in nuclear report

The US Defense Department was forced to correct several mistakes in its Nuclear Posture Review after an initial version of the report released last week labeled Taiwan as part of China and included the disputed Kuril islands in a chart depicting Russia.

State of emergency declared in Maldives

The move, which gives President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom power to arrest and detain people, reflects a power struggle between the island nation’s Supreme Court and its government. “During this time, though certain rights will be restricted, general movements, services and businesses will not be affected,” said a statement from the office of the President.

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy: The moment of truth is almost here

It’s called Falcon Heavy, and if it launches as planned Tuesday, it’ll become the most powerful rocket in use. The rocket is poised for its first test at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Takeoff is slated to happen Tuesday between 1:30 pm ET and 4 pm ET.

Leading US ivory investigator killed in Kenya

Esmond Bradley Martin was found Sunday at his home in the Nairobi suburb of Karen, according to Kenyan Interior Ministry spokesman Mwneda Njoka. Police are investigating and have yet to establish a motive, Njoka told CNN. Bradley Martin had just returned from a trip to Myanmar and was writing a report on his findings when he was killed.

Larry Nassar apologizes, gets 40 to 125 years for decades of sexual abuse

Larry Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 125 years in prison Monday for three counts of criminal sexual conduct, ending a remarkable three weeks of court hearings that dramatically personalized the pain and suffering the former doctor caused for years.

Pornhub’s Super Bowl insights: Eagles fans held off longer than Patriots fans

Just like watching for iconic commercials and hating on the Patriots, Pornhub’s annual data analysis has become something of a Super Bowl tradition. The adult site has been posting its stats from the big game since 2014 and the analysis includes most searched terms and changes in traffic during the big game.

Here’s what you need to know about the looming SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch

SpaceX is set to blast its ambitious, 27-engine Falcon Heavy rocket into space on Tuesday, Feb. 6. If the launch is successful, the Falcon Heavy will become the most powerful rocket currently operating on (and off) Earth. Here’s how to watch and what to know: SpaceX webcasts all of its rocket launches and the Falcon Heavy is no exception.

Watch Trump awkwardly attempt to hold Melania’s hand

Well, that was weird. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump shared an awkward moment on Monday before boarding Marine One. A clip, captured by NBC News, shows Melania wearing a long yellow jacket over her shoulders, with arms and hands inside the coat, not inside the sleeves.

Scientists have discovered spiders with tails because nightmares are real

Around 100 million years ago, oozing tree sap poured over hundreds of tiny spiders, killing and preserving the critters in hardened amber. Recently, miners in northern Burma pulled this ancient amber out of a quarry. Chunks of it were purchased by paleontologists, who found in the amber many well-preserved spiders – some of them with long, almost scorpion-like tails.

Apple’s bet on original content is paying off in an important way

Apple Music could soon overtake Spotify in one important way. Apple’s streaming platform is now adding U.S. subscribers at a faster rate than longtime competitor Spotify, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, whose sources say Apple Music is set to overtake Spotify in the United States if it holds at its current growth rate of 5 percent a month.

Super realistic animation shows Falcon Heavy launching Tesla Roaster into space

Tuesday is the day when the whimsy of Elon Musk finally takes off. The billionaire’s SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket is launching from Cape Canaveral, Florida and within the powerful rocket is a cherry red Tesla Roadster that will, if the launch is successful, head straight toward Mars.

Top judges held as Maldives crisis grows

Maldives police have arrested the country’s chief justice of the Supreme Court as a political crisis worsens in the Indian Ocean nation. Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and another judge, Ali Hameed, were arrested hours after the government declared a state of emergency. No details were given about the investigation or any charges.

Pentagon agency loses track of $800m

The US Pentagon’s Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is missing documentation for how it spent hundreds of millions of US dollars, a new audit finds. The firm Ernst and Young found the agency could not account for $800m (£572m), according to Politico.

Lawmakers vote to release Democrats’ memo

A congressional panel has voted unanimously to release a Democratic rebuttal to a Republican memo alleging bias against President Donald Trump. The Republican president has five days to decide whether to declassify the 10-page document. The House Intelligence Committee released the Democratic memo, which highlights flaws in the Republican one.

Chile ‘cover-up’ letter contradicts Pope

A victim of a paedophile priest in Chile has revealed he wrote to the Pope in 2015 about an alleged cover-up after Francis denied getting evidence. Juan Carlos Cruz, a victim of cleric Fernando Karadima in the 1980s, accused fellow priest Juan Barros of witnessing the abuse and doing nothing.

Emails Show FBI Saddened, Stunned By Comey’s Firing, Contradicting Trump’s Claims

Over 100 pages of emails written by FBI agents last year, shortly after President Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey, reveal a stunned and saddened bureau, sharply contrasting with the president’s statements that Comey was unpopular with most FBI employees.

NZ Leader Is Considering An Offer To Bury Her Child’s Placenta

New Zealand’s prime minister is considering an offer to bury her child’s placenta as part of an ancient indigenous naming ceremony. Jacinda Ardern, who last month became the first elected leader since the 1990s to announce she was expecting, made history again in New Zealand by becoming the first woman prime minister to speak at the pōwhiri, or welcoming ceremony, in Waitangi on the country’s North Island.

Yup. Sean Hannity Found A Way To Blame Obama For The Stock Market Drop

President Barack Obama left office more than a year ago, but that didn’t stop Fox News host Sean Hannity from blaming him for the stock market slide. On his Fox News radio show on Monday, Hannity said the market drop ― which at its worst saw the Dow industrials plunge by nearly 1,600 points and closing down 1,175 points for the day ― wasn’t the fault of President Donald Trump.

Terry Crews Claims ‘Expendables’ Producer Pressured Him To Drop Sexual Assault Suit

Actor Terry Crews, who filed a lawsuit in December against top talent agent Adam Venit for allegedly groping his genitals, says he’s faced pressure from the producer of “Expendables 4” to drop the sexual harassment suit.

Newsweek’s Top Editor And Staffers Suddenly Fired

Newsweek Media Group has fired multiple staffers from the publications it oversees, several outlets reported Monday. Those fired include Newsweek Editor-in-Chief Bob Roe, his deputy Ken Li and reporters Celeste Katz and Josh Saul. Josh Keefe, a reporter for sister site the International Business Times, was also reportedly fired.

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