PHOTOS -‘Papa Shirandula’ Actress ‘Fatuma’ Weds Sweetheart in Low-key Ceremony

January 25, 2018

‘Papa Shirandula’ star Shadya Delgush, who plays ‘Fatuma’ in the seasoned Citizen TV comedy series, is officially off the market.

The television and film actress, whose personal life is usually close-guarded from the prying eyes of media, wed her sweetheart, only identified as Ali, in a low key wedding held at the Kadhis court.

The lovebirds exchanged their vows on Tuesday, January 23rd in an event attended by her family and close friends.

Shadya’s brother and actor Maqbul Mohammed broke the news on Insta, much to the surprise of many netizens.

Congratulating the two, Maqbul, famed for his role in television series ‘Makutano Junction’, poured his heart out as he reminisced about the struggles they went through.

“Through the ups and downs through the tough times and happy times through cutting class and circulars we’ve always been there for each other and I’m happy to see you take another step in life towards your happiness know that I’ll always be there for you I love you Sis and to Ali welcome to the family bro ….buckle up,” wrote Maqbul.

The ‘Auntie Boss’ actor was also kind enough to share pictures taken shortly after witnessing the lovebirds make it official.

The pics.




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