New Cat Fight as Reality TV Actress Mishi Dora Hurls Insults at DJ Pierra Makena

January 24, 2018

There is a new cat-fight brewing in the showbiz scene pitting reality television actress Mishi Dora against Dj Pierra Makena.

This after the outspoken and controversial socialite took to social media to hurl unprintable insults at the entertainer and television personality. According to Mishi, Pierra has been fat-shaming her in an undisclosed WhatsApp group.

Not one to take the alleged gossip lying down, the Nairobi Diaries actress came out gun blazing on Insta yesterday telling off the TV presenter.

“B****leave my fucking life alone… Why you so bitter with me? I’m I the one that your bby daddy left you for and got married to?? Abeg if I’m sexy or not how is it your cup of tea?? Wewe nahiyo mwili yako sexy siuliachwa tu bado na mimba kama mimi?? Go fix your life before trying to fix others,” ranted Mishi.

The actress and mother of three also challenged Pierra to give birth to three kids before body shaming her.

“Go give birth to 3 kids and then come show me how sexy you still look kama you’ve just given birth to one na ndo unakaa anguro (pig) ya Kwetu,” fired Mishi Dora.


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