Nairobi Crackdown on Illegal Garbage Dumping Nets 45 Suspects

January 11, 2018
Owners of New Ramada Restaurant in Eastleigh, Nairobi, after they were arrested for illegally dumping garbage

Nairobi County inspectorate officers have arrested at least 45 people in connection with the illegal dumping of garbage in the city.

Peter Mbaya, a senior inspector at City Hall, said the crackdown will not spare anyone found breaking the law.

“So far, we have done a crackdown at Eastleigh Area, Muthurwa Market and the Central Business District (Kweria Road, downtown).”

The inspector warned business owners, especially restaurants, against irresponsible dumping of waste. He also cautioned city dwellers to exercise responsibility and avoid dumping garbage on roads and sidewalks.

Among those arrested in the crackdown on Wednesday were owners of the New Ramadan Restaurant in Eastleigh. They were found to have dumped garbage from their premises illegally.

Mbaya vowed to continue with the crackdown until the city under the sun reclaims its lost glory.

“The operation has just started and it will go on until Nairobi is clean,” Mbaya said.

The County government has also passed garbage collection roles on to sub-county administrators as the Sonko Rescue Team stopped providing the service.

Through a statement, Mohamed Dagane, the acting county executive for Water, Environment, Energy and Natural Resources, directed that sub-county administrators will now be responsible for garbage collection within their areas of jurisdiction.

“The Nairobi City County Government will from today devolve garbage collection to the sub-county level to deal with the menace of illegal dumping and uncollected garbage.”

The 17 administrators will each control two trucks and have enough manpower for waste collection.

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