Huddah Monroe: “Why I Don’t Date Kenyan Men”

January 16, 2018

Apparently, Huddah Monroe doesn’t date Kenyan men and can’t even remember the last time she did.

The popular girl-about-town, while revealing why she would rather date foreigners over Kenyans, “bro zoned” all Kenyan men. On her popular social media pages, the socialite/cosmetics businesswoman hinted that her countrymen are stingy.

“I don’t date Kenyans. Don’t know the last time I was ever with a Kenyan,” wrote Huddah.

Then came the bombshell, “I consider all Kenyan men my brothers.”

Can you believe this girl? How do you bro zone a whole damn country?

Huddah, who rose to fame over her nudist tendencies, went on to argue: “Coz if you can’t help my business or my life, then what are we?…Siblings,” she answered.

Huddah also preserved some gold-digging advice to young slay queens urging them to raise their worth.

“Slay queens need to stop being worth alcohol only. Start raising the bar because if you ask a n*gga for 5000 Usd in Kenya, he will think you are a dreamer,” posted Huddah followed by laughing emojis.

I think this needs the immediate attention of the President of the Kenyan boychild Association Cyprian Is Nyakundi.

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