All The Funniest Memes After Massive Power Blackout Hits on Same Date as Last Year

January 10, 2018

At this rate, it would be unfair not to give it up to Kenya Power for showing consistency in their poor service delivery. Barely a fortnight into the new year, the power supplier has managed to remind us why our country is still a third world country.

This is after an alleged technical hitch plunged most parts of the country into darkness on Tuesday evening.

Coincidentally, a similar power blackout was experienced in most parts of the country on the same date last year.

If that doesn’t prove Kenya Power’s consistency, I don’t know what will!

Last night, many counties or some sections of the counties experienced the blackout which Kenya Power attributed to a “power system disturbance.”

A similar outage was also reported in Uganda caused by the situation in Kenya.

Simon Kasyate, the Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited spokesperson, told Daily Monitor: “Because of the interconnection with the Kenyan grid, when the problem happened in Kenya, Uganda had to be affected.”

With most Kenyans stuck in darkness for approximately six hours, there was only one way to keep busy and that was by taking to various social networking sites to make light moments of the dark matter (no pun intended) until their phone batteries died.

Kenyans on Twitter, in particular, stole the show with some of the funniest memes and tweets.

We have sampled them below.

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