Donald Kipkorir Reveals Why President Uhuru Should Fire Three Ministers, Including Matiang’i

January 5, 2018

With a majority of Kenyans looking towards the future after a tiring electioneering period, all eyes are on President Uhuru Kenyatta as he plans to unveil his new cabinet.

In his New Year message to Kenyans, the Head of State said he will unveil his new Cabinet in a few weeks.

Reports indicate that the President and his deputy, William Ruto, have agreed on an expanded executive of 22 Cabinet secretaries – 12 politicians and 10 technocrats.

It is believed that at least five Cabinet secretaries are facing the sack after their names were omitted from a list of nominees dispatched to security agencies for background checks.

As Kenya continues to wait, speculation has been rife in internet circles about the men and women who will be tasked with delivering Uhuru’s pledges in his second and final term in office.

The outspoken city lawyer, Donald Kipkorir, has taken to his popular Facebook page to reveal the three ministers Uhuru should drop. He listed the ministers, who include Fred Matiang’i, and the reasons why they should be dropped.

Read his full post below.


Three Ministers I Hope Will Be Dropped

Here are three Ministers, I pray the President & Deputy President will drop from the new Cabinet:

1. James Macharia: His “Bank Executive” demeanor May mislead. The current chaos in the Ministry Of Health and especially the strike by medical workers begun when he was the Minister for Health. We invested Billions in the Health Sector yet all our Public Health facilities are still inefficient, decrepit & death traps. In his current Ministry, More chaos abound. From fake tarmac roads to incoherent public transport policy. We have had more deaths on our roads than at any other time. How can we lose over 300 people in one month? Then the knee jerk reaction to every accident. The Ministry is a Tower Of Babel in policy. And at more personal level, though his Ministry is the biggest owing to its five PSes, Macharia made sure there is no Kalenjin CEO in all Parastatals within it. He removed all Kalenjins who were acting CEOs & fake interviews were conducted to make them No. 6 and beyond. Contrast with Charles Keter who confirmed all acting CEOs in his Ministry irrespective of tribe. Let him go.

2. Dr. Fred Matiang’i: the Public praise his bee-like energy, but I see a Court Jester who wants to please the powers be. What is there to celebrate him if under his watch, every year 500,000 12 year olds finish their education in STD 8, and each year 500,000 17 year olds end their education in Form IV. Basically, we release each year One Million Children to the world telling them they are failures. Under his tenure, over 5million young Kenyans are wallowing in despair and depression. This is a number bigger than the States Of Israel, Namibia, Croatia or Kuwait. Then whilst acting in the Ministry Of Interior, More innocent Kenyans were killed than anytime in our History. Even children were not spared. Only a dystopian state can celebrate such a Minister. One cannot be praised on the backs of children whose dreams have been killed or the blood of innocent Kenyans. If the President wants a Kisii to appoint, we have Charles Nyachae and Dr. Bitange Ndemo who are genuine and loyal patriots.

3. Najib Balala: I have known Najib for long and is a true gentleman. In 2006, I hosted a breakfast for him and six other top Kenyan politicians then and advised them on a political strategy that would have made each of them a one term President. Najib’s turn would have been in 2027. But as a Minister for Tourism, his tenure has been abject failure. The Ministry has been concerned with attending all Tourism Exhibitions abroad and entering all manners of contests to be awarded “Best Beach”, “Best Game Reserve”, “Best Destination” But all meaningless … Our tourist visitors have never reached 1.5m since independence. France, Spain, Italy, UAE, Croatia, Austria, Bahrain, Seychelles & Cape Verde receive more tourists than their population. With paltry One Million tourists, we receive about us$1B … Imagine if we received 5m tourists and above? And why can’t we receive even 10m tourists? Ministry of Tourism is a poster child of unmitigated incompetence. Let Balala go back to politics. He can Chair Jubilee and Raphael Tuju can go to the Cabinet. Mohammed Hersi can be Minister for Tourism.

On the other Cabinet Ministers, closing my mouth is wisdom. There are some I want retained because of their efficiency & delivery, but others are average.

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