Open Letter to Chris Msando’s Killers

August 3, 2017

The views expressed below are personal and do not reflect the views of Nairobi wire

By Brian Rop

You killed Chris Msando for reasons we can only speculate through deductive reasoning. He was an impediment, an obstacle to your goal, which you must have regardless of human life.

By any means, your goal is grander, much more than millions of Kenyans out there who only desire is to put food on the table-just a decent meal. Your goal is grand and blinding as to play the role of God to see it come to fruition. You are heartless and soulless.

A family is grieving out there, for your callousness-two families. They will never know the joy of having someone plucked from their midst all too suddenly. They left their jobs, kissed their families goodbyes and embarked on building the nation, with the hope that they’d return in the evening to the same loving hands just as you do from time to time, because I believe family to you is largely ceremonial.

Where is your conscience? Doesn’t your conscience gnaw you, knowing all too well that a family is without a bread winner, without the comforts they knew when they were alive? Do you take eat, take a dump, laugh- go about your daily activities- with the same mind as a normal human being does? Maybe the little money your godfather gave you consoles you because it can afford you hard drugs that calm your grinding conscience.

Kenya has enough for everyone’s needs but not for everyone’s greed. Your dream may be grander than the rest of us but that may not be an excuse to take away a human life.

You may not be brought to book, just like many of your colleagues have for comparable crimes. You may even outlive the many who are righteous out here but you will not outlive the consequences of your actions. Karma has already circulated your mugshot to her soldiers. She will cut you into pieces without you knowing.

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