“Mukutano Itakwisha” That Day Isaac Ruto Threatened To End William Ruto’s Meeting (VIDEO)

August 11, 2017

Law Number 1 – Never outshine the master.
Law Number 3 – Conceal your intentions.
Law Number 4 – Always say less than necessary.
Law Number 7 – Get others to do the work for you. But always take the credit.
Law Number 9 – Win through your actions. Never through argument.
Law Number 14 – Pose as a friend, work as a spy.
Law Number 15 – Crush your enemy totally.
Law Number 18 – Know who you’re dealing with. Do not offend the wrong person.
Law Number 22 – Use the surrender tactic. Transform weakness into power.
Law Number 29 – Plan all the way to the end.
Law Number 35 – Master the art of timing.
Law Number 45 – Preach the need for change. But never reform too much at once.
Law Number 47 – In victory, learn when to stop.
Law Number 48 – Assume formlessness.

If Robert Greene was following Kenya’s election, he must be asking himself how a single man managed to break nearly a third of his 48 laws of power.

Isaac Ruto has been trying to become the new king of the rift since the 2013 election, forgetting there already was a king.

Within 4 and a half years:

Isaac tried to outshine William Ruto.

He made his intentions of dethroning William loud and clear.

He often times said a lot more than he should.

He did the dirty work of tarnishing the DP’s name himself.

He always tried to win through microphone arguments, constantly trying and failing to win over William’s allies.

Instead of at least pretending to be a friend, he did not hide his true feelings.

He truly did not know who he was dealing with and the true influence wielded by William.

He refused to surrender and join the Jubilee bandwagon or at least be a Jubilee-friendly party.

He obviously did not plan all the way to the end, including installing fail safes.

His timing to join Nasa was awfully bad, just as the Jubilee wave was starting to sweep the rift.

When he recorded some minor victories in by-elections, he refused to stop aggravating William.

Finally, he took the shape of Nasa – a Kalenjin enemy, hence was an easy punching bag for the Deputy President.

The results of his defiance are this:

Joyce Laboso – 175 932 votes (67,20%)
Isaac Ruto – 85 863 votes (32,80%)

Perhaps William thought Isaac could be salvaged, until this day in August 2015. I believe this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The day Isaac signed his political suicide note.

Trying to take charge of a meeting in front of the Deputy President, and pretending he could bring the meeting to an end. This must be the day William decided to vanquish Isaac.

Watch the famous ‘Mukutano Itakwisha’ clip.

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