Kiambu: Decisive Victory for Waititu as Kabogo’s ‘Independent’Gamble Flops

August 9, 2017

Kiambu governor William Kabogo made a big decision to vie as an independent candidate after losing the Jubilee nomination to Babayao Ferdinand Waititu. Initially it looked like he could bow out, but instead went on to form and lead an ‘Alliance of Independent Candidates’.

In the Jubilee nomination, Kabogo only managed 17% of the total tally. In this election he has managed to increase that percentage to just 20%. Still, there is still an over 500,000 difference between him and Waititu, making Babayao’s victory guaranteed.

Tuesday’s loss will be a major blow to Kabogo’s political career, particularly because he has expressed interest in vying for the Presidency. He had adopted a different campaign strategy in the last 2 months, but that has not amounted to much in a region that mostly voted ‘6 piece’.

Kabogo is yet to release any statement or concession speech.

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