Only in Kenya: Desperate Woman Searches for Husband Using Placard in the City Centre(PHOTOS)

August 23, 2017

The search for that ever elusive Mr Right has hit a new low which has never been seen before.

While lonely women are advised by relationship experts to get out there to meet the man of their dreams, a Kenyan woman has taken that advice to a whole ‘nother level.

The woman, only identified as Pris. Nyambura, was yesterday spotted in the streets of Nairobi carrying a placard emblazoned with the words, ‘Need For a Husband.’

The placard further indicated her age- 28 Years, her phone number, and that she has a daughter aged 7 years.

Ms Nyambura was spotted in various parts of the city centre with her daughter in tow. In some instances, curious onlookers milled around the woman and her daughter to learn more about her plight.

The mother-daughter duo, who were dressed in white outfits, caused quite the spectacle and have been a topic of discussion on social media platforms.

Here’s to hoping that this is just another social experiment, otherwise it is really sad, especially for the young girl.

The photos

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