Husband of Slain Kayole Female Gangster Gunned Down in Ruiru

August 22, 2017

Police on Sunday gunned down two suspected gangsters believed to be members of the same gang as the slain gangster, Claire Njoki Mwaniki alias “Clea Adi Vybz.”

One of the suspects, known by his alias  ‘Mwanii Sparta’, was the husband of Claire Njoki.

The suspects were shot dead in Ruiru and an AK 47rifle recovered from the wanted criminals.

Confirming the killing, Nairobi County Police Commander Japheth Koome said that Mwanii was one of the most dangerous criminals in Nairobi.

“There was a shooting in Ruiru and I can indeed confirm that the suspect who was shot dead is the husband of the (slain) female suspect,” Mr Koome said.

After the shooting, a mysterious police officer who identifies himself as “Hessy wa Kayole” on Facebook,  posted gory pictures of the killed suspects on the Facebook group called Kayole Crime Free.

He identified the other suspect as Willis.

“Hayawi hayawi huwa, Mwani na Willis are with their ancestors rights now. Mwanii killed police officers in Kayole na akajifanya ati anajua sana ati Ruiru ndio Mafichoni,” wrote Hessy.

According to police sources, Mwanii had previously worked as a Matatu conductor before joining the ‘Gaza’ criminal gang.

It is suspected that he could access police communication, which helped him to escape from police officers trailing him.

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