The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday August 17)

August 17, 2017

These are the stories making headlines today.

A Trump meltdown for the ages

A combative and unrestrained President Donald Trump opened his authentic political soul, in possibly the most memorable news conference in presidential history, that is certain to become a defining moment of his administration. It was supposed to be a routine event at Trump Tower in New York to tout the President’s infrastructure plan.

Six business leaders have quit Trump. Who’s next?

Six business executives have quit President Trump’s council on manufacturing jobs since the violence at a white nationalist rally in Virginia — a sign of escalating fallout from his insistence that both sides are to blame. The latest were two representatives from the AFL-CIO: Richard Trumka, its president, and Thea Lee, an economist.

Trump praises Kim Jong Un for backing down on missile threat

In an early morning tweet, Trump said: “Kim Jong Un of North Korea made a very wise and well reasoned decision. The alternative would have been both catastrophic and unacceptable!” Trump appeared to be referring to Kim’s decision to put a hold on launching four missiles into the waters around the Pacific island of Guam, as North Korea had previously threatened.

Sierra Leone mudslide: Nearly 300 known dead

Sidie Tunis told local radio that 297 bodies have been brought to the overwhelmed city morgue at the Connaught Hospital, including those of 105 men, 83 women and 109 children.

Air Berlin goes bust after Etihad pulls plug

Germany’s second biggest airline filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday after Abu Dhabi’s Etihad — its leading shareholder — refused to finance another bailout. Air Berlin will continue flying for the time being thanks to a loan of €150 million ($176 million) from the German government.

Dozens killed in northern Nigeria triple suicide attack

Three female suicide bombers detonated their explosive belts in a local market and outside a nearby camp for people displaced by Boko Haram violence. “The first bomber struck outside the IDP (internally displaced persons) camp overlooking the market around 6 p.m. local time (1 p.m.

HMS Queen Elizabeth: New aircraft carrier arrives at home port

The £3 billion ship, which is 280 meters long, displaces 65,000 tons and has a top speed in excess of 25 knots, sailed from Scotland to the south coast of England where it will be based before becoming fully operational in 2023.

HBO accidentally broadcasts the next episode of Game of Thrones

HBO Spain suffered an uncharacteristic gaffe this week after inadvertently broadcasting the forthcoming sixth episode from the current series of Game of Thrones, four days before its official screening date. On-demand subscribers to the pay-per-view channel had access to the latest instalment for a full hour before the blunder was addressed and the episode removed – but not before it was ripped and shared online.

HMS Queen Elizabeth to reach Portsmouth this morning

HMS Queen Elizabeth will arrive in her home dock of Portsmouth this morning for the first time 65,000-tonne carrier is largest warship ever to be built in UK and will be Navy’s flagship craft for 50 years The 920ft-long ship will undergo further tests in Portsmouth and will not enter service until 2020 Ship known as ‘Big Lizzie’ will remain without aircraft until flying trials are conducted in the US next year The biggest and most powerful warship ever built by Britain arrives at her home port today for the first time.

Wenger says Alexis Sanchez can leave for free next summer

Arsene Wenger says Arsenal are prepared to take the financial hit of losing Alexis Sanchez for nothing next summer Manager remains confident Sanchez will agree a new contract but said there has been no further progress on that front Sanchez is currently sidelined with a muscle injury but could return for next weekend’s match against Liverpool The Gunners head to Stoke City in the Premier League this Saturday Arsene Wenger insists that financial implications are not important when it comes to Alexis Sanchez entering the final year of his Arsenal contract.

Barcelona agree £90m initial fee for Ousmane Dembele

Barcelona will pay Borussia Dortmund an initial fee of £90m for Dembele Clubs will now negotiate performance-related add-ons potentially worth £30m Spanish club have cash to spend after selling Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain And they are increasingly confident that a deal for Dembele can be completed Barcelona have agreed an upfront fee of £90million with Borussia Dortmund for the transfer of Ousmane Dembele, according to reports in Spain.

Sportsmail takes on FIFA champion Shaun Springette

18-year-old Londoner Shaun Springette is one of the world’s best FIFA players He earned £60,000 after coming second in FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Now Springette is set to come in the FIFA Interactive World Cup in London It will be one of the biggest weeks in the teenager’s life, with £200,000 at stake Springette dropped by Sportsmail’s offices for a pre-tournament warm-up Shaun Springette is very good at FIFA.

GREAT NEWS: Sonko Embarks on Massive Operation To Clean Up Kidero’s Garbage and Filth

It goes without saying that the main reason Evans Kidero was shown the door is the state he had put Nairobi in, hygienically.

The Revolution is Here..Madame President Kingwa Kamencu Launches Reality Show

Remember Kingwa Kamencu? The enigma who created a buzz in the Kenyan political scene in 2011 following her declaration to run for the presidency in the 2013 Kenyan Presidential election? Perhaps you have been wondering what she has been up to. The controversial writer, known for her mind-boggl

Sonko Threatens to Sue Kidero if He Carries Out Further Activities at City Hall

Nairobi governor-elect Mike Mbuvi Sonko has written to Dr. Evans Kidero asking him not to carry out any further activities at City Hall. The former Nairobi senator has asked Kidero not to withdraw any funds from the City County account with the Central Bank of Kenya.

Did Sam Tarly just become one of the most powerful men on ‘Game of Thrones’?

Now that Game of Thrones is picking up the pace of plot development, there’s a lot to process. One thing we’ve barely had time to deal with is the brutal death by dragonfire of Randyll and Dickon Tarly, father and brother of our good friend Samwell.

Obama’s Charlottesville response just became most-liked tweet in history

Barack Obama may not be the president anymore but that’s not stopping him from making history. In the wake of the deadly clash between neo-Nazi hate groups and protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend, President Donald Trump’s usually eager Twitter fingers remained inactive for hours while Obama rose to the challenge of addressing the nation.

How @YesYoureRacist became the internet’s fastest tool to identify white supremacists

On Friday, some of America’s most racist trolls hatched from their egg avatars to wave Home Depot tiki torches and chant their fave Nazi, KKK, and white supremacist slogans in Charlottesville. Yet some were nonetheless caught off guard when their very public displays of hate were made, well, public.

Next episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ leaked online, courtesy of HBO Spain

It turns out you don’t need hackers to spoil the next episode of Game of Thrones – HBO Spain is here for your needs! This season’s episode 6, due to air Sunday, has leaked online after HBO Spain accidentally made it available to subscribers for an hour before it was removed.

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner surprise ‘Game of Thrones’ fans in Carpool Karaoke trailer

The Stark girls may not be getting on super well in Westeros right now, but their off-screen relationship has never been better. Just check Apple’s trailer above for their upcoming Carpool Karaoke episode. You can only sing that passionately in front of people you’re truly friends with, right?

Why erectile dysfunction among young men is up 1,000 percent

Hint: internet porn.

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