Happy Ending for Everybody as Gladys Kamande’s Medical Fund is Split

August 9, 2017

The saga surrounding Gladys Kamande’s medical fund has finally come to a conclusive win-win end for all parties involved.

The lung patient and Ndungu Nyoro had been embroiled in an ugly tussle over millions of shillings Kenyans contributed towards Gladys’ medical treatment.

Though Ndungu had agreed to transfer the remaining amount to Glady’s personal account, the parties have reached an agreement to split the money in half.

Here is the final update from Ndugu Nyoro:

On 2nd August, Gladys Kamande, her daughter Annita, her mom Jane Kabaria, her brother Mwangi Kamande, a family friend Mwangi, 3 members of Mercy Ministry namely Winnie Maina, Kahindo Waraho Prince Paul, Cllr John Kibue, a media representative and an advocate held a meeting at Boulevard Hotel Nairobi.

The matter was discussed at length but finally came to a conclusion.

The members in attendance scrutinized all documents tabled and agreed we can now close the chapter. Of the verified Bank statement, the available Balance was Kshs 4.3M

The hospital bill plus Gladys’ cash for local use summed up to Kshs. 300,000 leaving a balance of Kshs. 4M.

Members indicated to the family that majority of Kenyans were not comfortable with entire amount being given out to them for comfort yet many Kenyans are stuck in hospitals for lack of funds to facilitate basic treatment.

At the request of Gladys Kamande’s mum, those in attendance agreed to transfer Kshs 2M to Gladys Kamande for her future hospital travels and the balance of Kshs. 2M be retained to assist other Kenyans in need of medical intervention.

On 3rd August, the three joint signatories namely, Jane Kabaria (Gladys Kamande’s mom), Cllr John Kibue Kibs (her landlord) and myself met at Equity Bank Kasarani. Also present was Advocate Lillian Wairimu and Annita Mwangi (Gladys Kamande’s daughter) as witnesses. We transferred Kshs. 2M to Gladys Kamande’s personal account and signed a TRANSFER AGREEMENT to that effect.

The three signatories closed GLADYS KAMANDE MEDICAL ACCOUNT and the balance of Kshs 2,005,644 transferred to a joint account that will be run by mercy ministry for assisting in paying medical bills.

On 4th August Rev. Salome Kimani, Prince Paul Kahindo, Winnie Maina, John Kibue and I visited KNH Paediatric department. Top in our minds was helping clear bills for a number of patients who were discharged weeks or months back but have not been able to for lack of funds.

With the help of Social workers and KNH Public Relations department, we moved from one ward to another vetting the possible beneficiaries.

After an exhaustive exercise, we narrowed down to 12 beneficiaries.

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