‘Githeri Man’ Rubbishes Reports That He Lost Phone While Drunk

August 18, 2017

The fake news syndrome affecting Kenya is sparing no one. No sooner had Martin Kamotho become an overnight celebrity as ‘Githeri Man’ than false reports about him emerged.

A malicious picture of an unidentified man passed out in a ditch has been doing the rounds on the social platforms.

The picture was shared by one David Garby who alleged that a drunk Mr Kamotho had been robbed of the Samsung S8+phone gifted to him by Safaricom.

But Githeri Man, who is acclimatizing to his transformed life in the limelight, has rubbished the claims on Instagram.

He reassured Kenyans and well-wishers that there is no way he was going to disappoint them.

“Tukubaliane. Hakuna vile naweza waangusha chini kama wakenya. Hiyo risto ya kulewa na kupoteza simu sio ukweli. Simu zote ziko hapa. Yule anaeneza hiyo uvumi sijui ako na niya Gani. Nazidi kuwashukura wakenya wote,” Githeri Man captioned a picture showing off the phone worth Sh100K.

The 41-Year-Old was gifted with 2 Samsung S8+phones, one for him and another for his wife. His daughter was given a Tecno Camon. All these phones add up to over Sh200,000. This gift came after Kamotho revealed he had no smartphone and only saw the memes on a friend’s phone.

The gift came after Kamotho revealed he had no smartphone and only saw his viral memes on a friend’s phone.




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