”Since I’m Luo I’m Told That I Must Support One of our Own”

July 21, 2017

The year is 2017, the General Election is barely three weeks away, and once again, a majority of Kenyans will vote along tribal lines.

The truth of the matter is that Kenyans have always voted for “one of their own” and we are still far from eradicating this ancient mentality.

However, it would be unfair to say progress is not being made, albeit at a snail’s pace. More and more Kenyans are coming out of their tribal shells each day, and a good example is Robert Alai.

Another voter who appears to have broken from tradition is Gordon Opiyo. The voter from Siaya County has penned an interesting post about the struggles of being a Luo voter.

With interests in the politics of Siaya, Nairobi, and Busia Counties, Mr Opiyo notes that the governors of the three counties were imposed on them. However, five years later, there has been little development in the counties.

Read from the horse’s mouth below.


Masaibu ya Jaluo Voter: I am a Jaluo voter from Siaya County, Alego near the border of Siaya and Busia. I have interests in Busia and Nairobi. Busia because my lovely Wife comes from there, and half of my Kaugagi clan settled in Samia- so I have blood relatives there. Besides, Port Victoria in Budalangi is the entry point for goods I get from Lolwe Islands in Uganda in business. Nairobi, because I stay and work from there.

Incidentally, all the Governors in Siaya, Busia, and Nairobi are from ODM and are very close to Raila.
Since I’m Luo, I’m told that I must support ” one of our own” and help him take power. After helping “our own” take power, he will help my life become better since Okuyu led by Ohuru have stolen “everything”.

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But when I reflect back at the 2010 referendum campaigns, ” our own” told us that we vote for Devolution so that resources are brought to Siaya, Busia, and Nairobi- so that even if Okuyu steal elections- we will develop our Counties – whether Okuyu like it or not. So, in 2010 we voted the Katiba wholeheartedly knowing that whether Okuyu steal elections or not – money will come to Siaya, Busia and Nairobi, and we will develop whether Okuyu kithni or ndekni.Money did come.

In Siaya “our own” forced us to elect some stranger called Rasanga after we rejected his aging brother Oburu. He told us that he would guide Rasanga to do as he wanted, and electing someone he cannot control like Oduol would be disastrous. In Busia, he told us that Ojaamong’ grew up in his house, and would do as he was directed. In Nairobi, he told us that Kidero was the “dawa” Nairobi needed, and Kidero would do as directed.

Nearly five years later, Rasanga, Ojaamong’ and Kidero did as directed. Siaya is a complete mess. The only development we saw was insults telling us that we are poor. Only companies associated with “our own” are getting paid….and Siaya has broken the record of being the only County that does not have a single project initiated in nearly five years. 

In Busia, Ojaamong’ spent more time in Lodgings than in office. The result is that Busia has gotten a raw deal. In Nairobi, the less said, the better. Curiously, as a Luo voter, I’ve not come across any Luo who has benefitted from the massive looting, apart from companies associated with “our own”.
When we tried to kick out Rasanga, Ojaamong’ and Kidero for failing, ” our own” forced them down our throats again.

Since I’m Luo, I’m not supposed to ask why. Since I’m Luo, I’m not supposed to question why “our own” is openly stealing County funds through proxies Rasanga, Ojaamong’ and Kidero. I’m supposed to hunt for non existent scandals by Okuyu leaders, and not supposed to talk about open, blatant theft being presided by “our own” through his proxies.

Since I’m Luo, I’m supposed to believe that “our own” who mercilessly steals from poor Luos and Luhyias in Siaya, Busia, and Nairobi – will perform miracles if given the big post in Nairobi. Since I’m Luo, I’m supposed to believe that I’ll benefit if “our own” takes power – yet even with massive resources in Siaya, Busia, and Nairobi- I’m yet to see a single Luo apart from close family members of “our own” benefiting.
That is just a small part of my Masaibu. If I dare question, I’m called a traitor and sellout. Nobody is allowed to ask “our own” to account for anything. “our own” is always right.


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