Iconic Nokia 3310 Now Available in Kenya.. This is the Price

July 28, 2017

Nokia 3310 is probably the most loved phone of all time.

Unlike the Infixes of today, this particular Nokia could be trusted for reliability and durability. It could easily run on one re-charge for a full week, not the few hours we are accustomed to by today’s phones.

It was what a phone was visualized to be, i.e. a gadget to communicate with strangers miles apart. It did not have all these fancy and complicated features we have today. And it is this simplicity that make people miss it.

There was excitement world over when the Finish Company announced that Nokia 3310 would be making a grand return. The world may have moved on to iPhones and Samsung Galaxies, but the nostalgia a Nokia 3310 would bring cannot be ignored.

Hours after its release, the device sold out in many markets, among them India, UK, Vietnam, Finland etc.

Now, Kenyans can get their hands on this global phenomenon. Safaricom now has in stock the Nokia 3310, for the price of Sh5,299.

It’s not the average price of a ‘Mulika Mwizi’, but it comes with a big name and some new features like a camera. It also has Edge internet, if you are in the mood of stepping back 10 years in the past.

Of course the new Nokia 3310 comes with everyone’s favourite feature, ‘Snake’. This time new and improved.

Also been launched alongside the Nokia 3310 are 3 Nokia android devices, namely: Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6.

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