The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Friday July 7)

July 7, 2017

Here are links to the biggest stories in the world today.

Trump starts crucial foreign trip in Poland

Trump, after spending the night in Warsaw, will spend five working hours in Poland on Thursday, packing his schedule with multiple meetings with Duda and capped by a high-profile speech to the Polish people from Krasinski Square.

Haley: North Korea launch a ‘clear and sharp military escalation’

She also warned China and other countries supporting North Korea that their trade with the US could be at risk if they do not stop aiding the Pyongyang regime. “The US is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies,” Haley said.

‘Zombies’ descend on Hamburg for G20 protest

A performance piece orchestrated by the 1,000 Gestalten (1,000 figures) collective saw 1,000 actors descend upon the city’s center on Wednesday, shuffling and clawing through the streets in eerie silence before a single demonstrator shed his zombie facade to reveal colorful clothes beneath.

Deadly dengue fever outbreak kills hundreds in Sri Lanka

Experts worry the death toll could yet increase, as the country’s health infrastructure struggles to cope with the virus’ rapid spread. “Dengue will get worse as flood waters recede further,” Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne said in comments made to state-owned media outlet Daily News.

Does this blurry photo show Amelia Earhart survived her plane crash?

A new History channel documentary quotes experts who say the image shows the famed pilot survived her 1937 crash in the Pacific. But other experts told CNN they aren’t convinced and say the photo is just another in a long history of unproven theories about the aviator’s disappearance.

Michael Phelps: ‘I locked myself in my room for four days’

Such were the depths of a spiral that would threaten to cripple the comeback of a man widely regarded as one of the greatest sportsmen of all time. His self imprisonment followed a second charge of driving under the influence of alcohol, in September 2014, that led to a six-month suspension by USA Swimming.

How sunscreen works

Was she ever right about that price — but it was a lot higher than any of us at the time recognized. What sun addicts didn’t know then was that we were setting our skin up for damage to its structural proteins and DNA. Hello, wrinkles, liver spots and cancers.

G20: Hamburg shuts down ahead of summit protests – BBC News

Hamburg is shutting up shop. Windows boarded up, manhole covers sealed. The prime ministers and presidents have yet to arrive, but protests have already turned to violence. Earlier this week, police used water cannon to disperse demonstrators and there have been scuffles as officers tried to clear small tented camps set up by protestors.

Superstars plan next career with Harvard course – BBC News

The football superstar, the actress and the rapper walk into a classroom. This is not the set-up for a joke, but a four-day executive education course course held at Harvard Business School in the United States last month.

Woman threatened after urinating on US flag on 4 July – BBC News

A woman who shared a video of herself urinating on an American flag has asked that people stop targeting her family, saying they do not support her actions. Emily Lance received online threats of murder and rape after posting the video during Independence Day celebrations.

Turkey police hold rights activists including Amnesty chief – BBC News

Turkish police have arrested eight leading human rights activists including Amnesty International’s Turkey director Idil Eser in Istanbul. Two trainers – from Germany and Sweden – were also arrested in the raid on a digital security workshop run by Amnesty at a hotel in Buyukada.

First ever footage of the sex slaves who still shame Japan

The grainy footage from 1944 shows the women speaking to Chinese officers Shot as US-Chinese forces liberated Songshan from the Japanese during WWII Researchers uncovered the footage after a two year trawl through US archives Up to 200,000 women were said to have been forced into sex slavery by Japan The world’s first ever footage of Korean sex slaves used by Japanese soldiers during WWII has emerged.

Study finds facial expressions hint at your economic standing

Study found neutral expressions are reliable indicator of economic standing Smiling and other emotional expressions on the other hand can mask it This is because expressions tied to life experiences become etched on the face Subtle facial cues could allow others to determine whether you’re rich or poor upon first impression.

United Airlines takes away a toddlers seat giving to standby passenger

Shirley Yamauchi was flying with her two-year-old whose seat was given away She bought her tickets months ago but her sons seat was given to a standby Her tickets cost $1,000 each but the man flying standby paid just $75 Yamauchi was forced to fly with her son in her

Manchester United agree £75m fee for Romelu Lukaku with Everton

Manchester United and Everton have struck a £75million deal for Romelu Lukaku Lukaku is set to agree personal terms ahead of joining United’s pre-season tour United have ended their pursuit of Real Madrid centre forward Alvaro Morata Wayne Rooney is set to join Everton in a separate deal, with transfer fee waived Manchester United have agreed a £75million fee for Romelu Lukaku and expect to wrap up a deal in time for the Everton striker to join them on their US tour.

Man United news: Wayne Rooney set to join Everton for FREE

Manchester United have agreed to waive a transfer fee for Wayne Rooney, allowing their captain to seal an emotional return to Everton on a free transfer. The Toffees were willing to pay a fee in the region of £10million for the 31-year-old and have offered him wages of £150,000 a week, which represents a significant cut from his earnings at Old Trafford.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s museum shows off latest exhibition

Cristiano Ronaldo has seen the memorabilia in his Museu CR7 expand Jewel-encrusted boots have are now in the collection, made by Tokunbo Daniel One boot celebrates his time in England, but there is no mention of his old club When you are Cristiano Ronaldo and you need to freshen up exhibits in your museum, sometimes another replica of the Champions League trophy just won’t cut it.

First PHOTOS of the Sh100 Million Presidential Debate Stage and Podiums

It was supposed to be the most anticipated live event in Kenya this year – the 2017 Presidential Debate. 2 of them were to be staged, with the first happening this coming Monday (July 10) at Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

23-Year-Old Kenyan Shot Dead by U.S Police, Drugs and Weapons Recovered

A Kenyan man involved in an on-going narcotics case was shot and killed in Georgia, United States. Investigators said Joel Gatu Muturi, 23, tried to use his car to run over members of the Cobb Marietta Smyrna Narcotics squad last Thursday. The incident happened at the Liberty Pointe Apartments

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