Crazy Kenyans! Here’s That Hilarious Photoshop Song ‘Mutashtuka’ Everyone is Talking About

July 24, 2017

A few weeks ago, one MC Njagi took the country by storm after releasing a track inspired by Wavinya Ndeti’s proverbial gaffe.

After that hit – Yaliyo Ndwele Sipite – the singer released a Jubilee anthem titled ‘Mbele Iko Sawa.’ Not to steal MC Njagi’s shine but there’s a new entrant in the funny-songs scene.

Singer, comedian, and director Kabi wa Jesus alias Pastor Kanyusto has released a song and video titled ‘Mutashtuka.’

‘Mutashtuka’ is a photoshop music video which shows pastor kanyusto in various scenarios of the good life.  Kanyusto, however, insists that haters will say it’s photoshop.

Life must be so hard in Kenya that we have come to this.

Watch below:

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