11 Secondary School Girls Suspended for Sneaking in Boys to have Orgies

July 7, 2017

11 female students from St. Mary Goretty’s Dede High School have been sent home for engaging in s*x orgies with boys from Manyatta Secondary School.

As reported by media outlets, about five to ten boys are believed to have hiked 34 kilometres on Sunday night to the girls’ dormitory which houses about 100 students.

According to the Star, teachers at Dede High School discovered there was an orgy after girls started giggling and “acting funny” the next day.

“The orgy was planned by Form Four students who allowed the boys in the hostel, and only left after midnight,” a girl from St Mary Goretty’s who has also been suspended told reporters.

The school’s management believes the midnight orgies are a regular occurrence and are planned through mobile phones which are prohibited.

An administration official said 11 girls were suspended on Monday and are expected back on July 17 to face the school’s board of governors for disciplinary action.

“Unfortunately, we did not hear commotion from the hostel throughout the period the orgy was going on.

“Teachers only got wind of it during the school assembly when some girls acted funny and appeared to be overexcited. Upon investigation, the sad truth started to unravel,” the administrator said.

St Mary’s Principal Lucy Odera declined to comment saying investigations are ongoing.

Evans Baraza, Principal of Manyatta High School, termed the incident “shameful” and said they too are investigating.

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