VIDEO -Here is That HILARIOUS Airtel TV Commercial Starring Shix Kapienga Everyone is Excited About

June 30, 2017

A television commercial by Telecommunications company Airtel Kenya has won over Kenyans on social media for its creativity and humor.

The less than a minute ad promotes Airtel’s recently launched voice product dubbed ‘Tubonge’, aimed at adding more value and call time to customers.

In the clip, celebrated radio presenter and actress Shix Kapienga is the main star and plays the role of Njoki, a college girl who calls her mother to cancel dinner plans.

Unbeknown to Njoki, her mother answers the call on loud speaker as Njoki lays bare her reasons for canceling the plans. Njoki’s reasons, however, are uncensored complaints about her relatives who are keenly listening in on the conversation.

When Njoki’s mom finally manages to tell her that she is on loudspeaker, it is too late and the damage has already been done.

The ad, shot at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, has left internet users impressed with some claiming it is the best Kenyan ad of the year.

Watch below and see if you agree.

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