How Umoinner Crew Saved City Couple from Carjacking Along Jogoo Road

June 5, 2017

A story has been trending online revealing how a matatu crew saved a couple from carjacking along Jogoo Road last week.

As the story goes, the couple’s ordeal started at City Stadium roundabout at around 11.30pm, when they noticed a car trailing them as they drove along Jogoo road.

The alleged gang of hijackers was in a Silver Bluebird Nissan and kept trailing the couple even as they increased their speed.

Upon reaching the Jogoo road – Mumias Road junction, they saw an Umoinner matatu, christened Billabong, fueling at the Total petrol station and approached its crew for help.

The matatu driver, Francis Wambua, said they saw “this man who was driving a Prado approach them for their help”.

“The driver was talking to my tout, Swaleh. I went to inquire what was wrong and he explained to me what was happening. I told him to wait we finish fueling then we will escort them to the police station,” narrated Wambua.

According to the story that was shared online, one Njeri Mwangi was behind the wheels when the incident happened.

Read the story below as posted on Facebook page, Hummingbird+

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This Matatu should be trending.

Njeri Mwangi believes that if it were not for this Matatu she probably would be dead or hurt.It’s crew was her guardian angels.

It all started around 11ish, at City stadium roundabout when she noticed that a car beside her,which had been behind her all the way from Madaraka.

She started feeling apprehensive. Ahead of her there was a slow car so she decided to follow it behind and the car trailing her decided what join them as well.The bad guys were in a Silver Bluebird Nissan.

She decided to gas pedal and hightail at a crazy speed, and almost overturn at the Rikana supermarket roundabout, we’re now at 140kph.The Bluebird does the same.

She is now at 150kph thereabouts almost at the Total, near the junction to Buru, there’s an Ummoinner matatu ahead, blaring music.It is a sign of relief until it gets into the Petrol station and she decides to follow it.

The Bluebird is hanging out at the stage. She notifies the Ummoiner crew(this mat) that she was being followed by possible hijackers.

The Ummoiner use the Buru route normally but for their sake it detours to use Jogoo road.It is at this point escorting them home.

This matatu is full of passengers, but they decided to escort all the way, through the roundabout via Manyanja Road,to Bee Center. (this is NOT their route remember).They went out of their way.

Everyone including the passengers is willing to get her home,and at some point they stop seeing the Blue Bird.

They insist if she is not okay they’ll drive behind her till the Estate main gate, but the road looks clear and she hightail out of there.

She says the crew of this Ummoinner KCK 135 C is her hero and probably this story would have a different ending were it for them.

The passengers also didn’t complain when the Matatu detoured out of its normal route.That is the Kenyan spirit she narrrates.

If photos and videos of Matatus doing bad things go viral,maybe a photo of a Matatu that saved a life should also go viral.


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