Must Watch! Collo’s Dope Music Video for ‘Jijue’ with Scooby The Lazy Rapper

June 30, 2017

After the immense success of ‘Bazokizo'(Groove Awards Collabo of the Year), gospel Swahili rap maestro Collo has dropped yet another blazing tune with a powerful message behind it.

Titled ‘Jijue’, the tune was dropped as early as January but it was not until recently that Collo dropped the official misic video.

‘Jijue’ which features Scooby (The Lazy Rapper), prompts someone to find his or her identity through spiritual growth, more specifically being anchored to Jesus Christ.

The upbeat track is a fusion of dance and rap with extra depth in the lyrical content that gives the tune a simple but mature new-age feel.

Collo breaks down the music video as follows:

“In the music video, the woman reminds the man of where his focus should be, encouraging him return towards his rightful position as the authority of the home & head of the family.This in-turn helps to address the many challenges experienced by today’s men during these tough times & considering the fact that it’s unlikely for him to take advice from a fellow man but will naturally have a soft spot for women.

“We would also like to change the negative stereotype perception of women appearing in music videos. It is also high time true ladies help mold real gentlemen in our society for our nations and future generations.”

Watch the video for ‘Jijue’ below:

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