Itumbi: As an Opposition Leader, Uhuru was Also Never Recognized During National Holidays

June 6, 2017

State House Director of Digital Innovations, Dennis Itumbi, has finally weighed in on the snub given to Nasa leader Raila Odinga during the Madaraka Day celebrations in Nyeri.

It was widely expected that Raila would be given a chance to address the residents and the country, that being a national event, but Jubilee leaders failed to even acknowledge his presence.

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The consensus was that Raila should have at minimum received a mention. But Itumbi does not think so.

Weighing in on Twitter, Itumbi said that when Uhuru was an opposition leader, he never received any recognition when he attended public functions.

The organizers were also accused of forgetting that Madaraka Day is a national event and instead making it a Kikuyu Jubilee event. Itumbi also came to the defense.

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