Cholera or Food Poisoning? 50 Treated After Lunch at Ruto’s Weston Hotel

June 23, 2017

A suspected cholera outbreak was yesterday reported at Deputy President William Ruto’s Weston Hotel.

According to Nationabout 50 people were tested. They were attending a conference at the hotel and were rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital and other city hospitals.

“Afternoon doctors should come in early as more patients are being rushed in,” read a text message one of the doctors sent his colleagues.

Those patients tested were suffering from diarrhea and vomiting, hours after having meals.

Nairobi Health CEC Bernard Muia was however cautious before labeling the outbreak cholera. “They had diarrhea not typical of cholera, abdominal pains and vomiting,” he said.

“It’s most probably food poisoning and could be gastroenteritis, a very common condition that causes diarrhea and vomiting,” he told The Star.

Samples were taken to the public health laboratories for testing.

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Director of Medical Services Jackson Kioko also denied the allegations that there was a cholera outbreak. He suggested that victims might have been suffering from gastroenteritis, a common food related infection that is characterized by vomiting and diarrhoea. He however stated that the National Public Health Laboratories will conduct comprehensive tests.

The patients were attending “The Kenya International Scientific Lung Health Conference”, which was ironically organized by the Ministry of Health. The over 500 doctors and scientists have been discussing Kenya’s vulnerability to respiratory diseases since Tuesday this week.

According to some patients, symptoms started on Wednesday.

Yesterday, there were notices in toilets directing anyone experiencing stomach aches to a presidential suite. At the entrance, there were 3 Amhref ambulances.

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