How Boda Boda Rider Outwitted President’s Security To Sit 2 Rows Behind Uhuru

June 23, 2017

A boda boda rider in Kimende has become a local celebrity after he outsmarted President Uhuru’s security and got a chance to shake the hand of the head of state. Destiny Gitau employed his creativity and courage last Sunday, to present a father’s day gift to the president.

During the service at St Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Kiambu town, Gitau sat just 2 rows behind Uhuru, surrounded by dignitaries and heavy security. Residents who saw him there thought he was just a look alike of the boda boda rider they see everyday.

“When I saw him delivering the gift, I thought that was someone who looked like him or that I was dreaming,” said one Robert Kimani.

Others confused Gitau for a clergyman, particularly when he gifted the president a Bible.

“I was given that Bible by a friend after the 2013 general election. I felt I should give it to the President one day.” 

“I had been looking for chances to give it to him. Every time he visited Kiambu county, I carried it but I didn’t get a chance to give it to him,” he told the star.

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That morning, Gitau finally made the decision to act on his desire to meet and deliver the gift to the president. He wore a black suit and arrived at the church very early.

“I was smartly dressed in a black suit and a maroon tie. I pretended I was a leader. When the President arrived, I was among those he greeted. I followed other leaders and sat behind him,” he said.

After Uhuru and Ruto addressed worshipers, Gitau still had no plan on how to hand the Bible to the president. So he approached the father in charge.

“The Father placed it on a table and went on to end the mass but I quickly stood and went to him. All the people were watching us,” he said.

“He quickly said, ‘Mr President, we have a pastor who wants to give you a present’. But before he finished, I took the Bible and the President came…we shook hands and he took it.”

The president asked for his phone number, and Gitau is still waiting.

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