Avril Talks About Broken Engagement, Starring in New Reality Show and Cyberbullying

June 5, 2017

Judith Nyambura, better known by her mononym Avril, is without a doubt one of the most popular singers and personalities in the country.

Besides singing, Avril has made a name for herself as an actress best known for playing Miss B’Have on Shuga: Love, Sex, Money. 

Musically, she is riding high on the rather personal single ‘Uko’, in which she sings about fake people.

She spoke to eDaily about the new single and more, including her broken engagement.

Is the song ‘Uko’ based on a true story?

In some way, yes. Almost everybody has experienced people who are not genuine and it was high time that I sang about real issues, which are a break from the lovey dovey, hype-filled stuff I often sing about.

Starring in a reality show

“When my friend Thome Boomba approached me about the show(Queens of Nairobi), I was all aboard, but now that I think about it, I don’t know what I got myself into.”

“I do not know the direction the reality show will take, but I promise that it will be classy and I hope that nobody will try to pull my hair.

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On Broken engagement

“I only want to get married once. I would not want to get married when I harbor doubts about my partner. It is better to have broken relationships than a broken marriage, then having to jump from one marriage to another.”

She added that she and her South African ex-fiance were incompatible.  After the break up she is taking things one day at a time. She is not in a hurry because she believes “one cannot hurry things that are best known to God”.

On enduring cyber bullying

“I think the people who troll others are stupid, there is no better way to describe someone who gets their joy in bringing other people down and making other people feel demeaned. These people who hide behind 140 characters say to others what themselves cannot take. They are insecure, frustrated people who need a vent and when they find it they just go ham.”

“Everybody ought to think before they type, what if they were on the receiving end of the insults?”

“What they should not do, however, is to go for innocent people (like Dana who took her life) who do not have a thick skin against cyber bullying.”

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