It Wasn’t Me: Jakoyo Midiwo Disowns Photos of Man Clobbering Another Man… But It Really Looks Like Him

May 4, 2017

Jakoyo Midiwo has pleaded Photoshop after a bunch of photos of a man who looks like him found their way online.

On Twitter, photos of a man who bears close resemblance to Midiwo, ‘beating’ another man, surfaced on Tuesday.

@leemakwiny wrote that the recently defeated politician has been looking for youths and agents who took his money during the recent campaigns, and giving them a thorough beating.

”Meanwhile, Jakoyo Midiwo is looking for youths and agents who took his money and giving them thorough beating….” he tweeted.

But when asked by Nation to explain, Midiwo stated categorically that he is not the man in the pictures, suggesting that they might have been manipulated.

“I am aware of the pictures circulating that are purported to be me. I want to make it clear that the man on the pictures is not me. Whatever those people who did this want to achieve I don’t know,” he said.

I must say, this man does look like Jakoyo.

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