RAW VIDEO: Watch Moment Motorist Fought with a Traffic Officer in Nairobi

May 24, 2017

A video has emerged online showing the moment a city motorist and a traffic police officer roughed each other up after a disagreement.

The 1 min 46 seconds clip was recorded using a camera phone by a commuter in one of the public service vehicles that were stuck in traffic as a result of the wrangle.

The footage captured the enraged motorist in a push and shove with the male officer at the Argwings Kodhek roundabout, near Silver Springs Hotel.

At the beginning of the undated clip, the policeman is seen emerging from the backseat of the motorist’s car before a tussle ensues.

A police inspector and another female officer are also seen trying to separate the two.

The cause of the quarrel is not yet known.

Watch the clip below:

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