Nairobi Couple Warms Hearts with Incredible Act of Kindness for a Disabled Guy (PHOTOS)

May 10, 2017

If you need your faith in humanity restored, look no further!

A Nairobi couple is the darling of social media after its heartwarming act of kindness for a disabled man was caught on camera over the weekend.

As the story goes, one Simon Kimely and his girlfriend were shopping at Ngara when a disabled man on a wheelchair requested them to help him get to town.

According to the narrator whose story was shared on Facebook page The Hummingbird Post, there was the usual Nairobi traffic and it was raining, but that did not stop Simon and his girlfriend from helping the man weave his way to town.

Read the full narration below:

“So I am at Ngara around 2 hours ago. Jam is packed and it’s raining. There is this young couple(I don’t know if they are dating but they look so good together) and they are buying clothes at Ngara. As they finish I see this disabled guy, struggling to kind of push himself because his hands are not very okay. He requests the couple to help him get to town.

Knowing how fast the city is and also how everyone minds their business, I was touched to see the guy say “okay” so quickly and willingly.
He gives the girlfriend the backpack to carry for him and off they start their journey to town. He pushes, lifts the chairs and maneuvers the traffic like a boss. I was thinking maybe, just maybe, it was his first time to push the chair but he didn’t so well and so joyfully and with an open mind.Up to town.

Beautiful story especially because sometimes young people are portrayed by media and even everyone else as unfriendly and don’t care. They made my Saturday.

I am looking forward to this story going viral until we get to meet the young couple and even their parents cos they must have been brought up well.”

The pictures:

Simon had this to say after his heroic act warmed netizens’ hearts:

“Thank you for noticing this and hope it touches as many people as possible to help the needy. It is amazing how people have reacted to it..Feel soo humbled.”

Some reactions from netizens:

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