Huddah Monroe: Why Size 8 and DJ Mo are an Example of a Good Young Couple

May 3, 2017

Kenya’s gospel industry power couple Size 8 Reborn and DJ Mo have an unlikely admirer in Huddah Monroe.

The petite beauty was full of praise for the couple saying they are a perfect example of a great young couple.

Huddah was expressing her frustration with rich men, having dated enough of them and vowing to never again. According to Huddah, she would rather date a young Kenyan guy who is growing in his career.

“Kenyan men think you are an opponent. They will never help you move a step ahead in anything you do, maybe just alcoholic sprees and nyama choma.

They buy you car, log book not under your name and when you break up, they take it back. They rent a house for you, three times more than you can afford, then they pay rent monthly so you have to keep on calling the every end moth to remind them, when you break up you are back into the struggles.

I dated enough Kenyans and I said never again. LOL. I’d rather be with a young Kenyan guy who is growing in his career and we grow together than rich frustrations, mwache kukimbilia Maisha ladies,” she said.

“Size 8 and her man are an example of a good young couple, they started from the BORROMMM! Now I see them even more happy, two young achievers,” she said.

She advised girls to focus on building themselves instead of being blinded by rich men who use and dump them.

“Be an upcoming boss, date and upcoming boss and build an empire together. These rich men will never really make you happy, they use you and dump you. Not me though, I took what was mine in due time. But you aren’t me,” she added.

”At 25 no man should be keeping you, paying your rent and giving you cars to drive that don’t belong to you. You are better than that.”


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