Forget Willy Paul and Alaine! Kenyan Musician Teams Up with Jamaica’s Etana in Beautiful Song (VIDEO)

May 26, 2017

Another ‘Kenya meets Jamaica’ song is out for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Months after gospel singer Willy Paul teamed up with Alaine, another Kenyan musician – Dan Aceda – has teamed up with another equally talented Jamaican songbird – Etana – in a track titled “Look To You.”

Dan “chizi” Aceda aka “the crown prince of Benga” is an award-winning musician who has collaborated with several Kenyan musicians including Eric Wainaina, Wyre, Neema Ntalel, Sanaipei Tande, and Kanjii Mbugua.

He has also written songs for  Kanjii Mbugua (what if, Nanana, Posibo, Mr Money), Tim Rimbui (Shamba la Wanyama, Lift your hands), Joseph Hellon (Colours), Atemi Oyungu (Domestics) among others.

He has now crossed the borders to feature in Etana’s beautiful track ‘Look To You.”

Watch below:

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