Wacha Ukiritimba Rudi Kazini! Social Media Goes into Meltdown After Jalang’o Quit Radio Maisha

April 7, 2017

If ever there was any doubt on the immense popularity of comedian Phelix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o, look no further than on his social media pages.

The radio presenter’s loyal fans are in meltdown on social media circles following his exit from Radio Maisha about a week ago.

At first, reports had it that Royal Media Services owned station Hot96 was looking to poach him from Radio Maisha but it allegedly never happened because Radio Maisha gave him a counter offer and retained him.

However, on Friday March 31, Jalas, as he is popularly known, hosted his last show after a successful four years co-hosting the morning show alongside Alex Mwakideu.

He announced on social media saying: “Best Friends…Best Brothers. .Amazing Colleagues I would ask for….Today we part ways..as we pursue other dreams all I want to say that it’s been real…amazing four years together! @wesleytheedj ….as you move to other opportunities I want to wish you nothing but the best…you are my brother! @alex_mwakideu …you are my bro from another mother…I will always love you! Always do your best!”

According to latest reports, the new opportunity Jalas referred to comes from big political boys with an offer that Standard Group radio station could not match.

It alleged Jalas is set to join Joho and Anyang Nyongo’s campaign teams where he’s supposed to offer his expertise on matters communication, strategy, events, and propaganda.

They remain unconfirmed reports for now!

Meanwhile, some of Jalango’s over half a million followers on Instagram still harbor hopes of having their favorite radio presenter back on the show.

Every Instagram post Jalango puts up is met with comments asking him to return.

One of his more recent posts shows him next to Mwakideu, from whuch we have sampled some reactions:

With my main man King @alex_mwakideu

A post shared by HEAVY J BABA (@jalangoo) on

  • d14wosa_max : Jalango kwenda kabisa wewe… !!! Peoples party itakutafuta na kukurudisha kazi na nguvu. Wacha mswaada uletwe bungeni wa #jalang‘o rudijob.. utatafutwa sana kcpe kcse na stakabadhi zote zitachunguzwa.. Itakuwa mbaya kwako kuliko joho babaye…!!
  • mildred_warambo: We miss you…….maliza hiyo shughuli urudi yawa
  • emmanuelwanjala25: Wewe ni mutu pumbavu sana how will leave a permanent job for a seasonal job…you’re so stupid man in #Luo nyanza
  • amjeff_stuntin Radio maisha bila jalas ikae?
  • iariwi Nothing to smile about. Ushatuangusha.
  • evahndanu Jalas i im one of your loyal fan i listened to you in kiss 100 in radio maisha i moved with you y are you doing this to me personally you have no idea how you are breaking my heart when Alex calls you in the morning hupatikani agggrrrrrreeee???????
  • kazurilex Heavy j baba why are you turning your fans into begers ….we need you back on radio maishsa asubuhi.
  • osbornearisi Jalas u ain’t doing fair, we miss u sir, u r the 1 mwenye ameweka Radio Maisha mahali iko SAA ii bro pliz kam back bro I ril miss u sana
  • dorysdoris I feel like slapping✋? you very hard @jalangoo . Where are you? Please go back to radio maisha. And am not begging you.
  • syruswaswa Jalas what you did was inhuman bro… Even your brother Alex is still in pain… Please change mind and go back to work!! Sometimes pride is not Goooooooooooood! Aliyekuweka hapo si mjinga… Brooooooo go baccccccck to work!!!! Surprise us!!!!


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