Slay Queen! Victoria Kimani Speaks Fashion and How Much She Spends on her Killer Looks

April 6, 2017

A quick look through her Instagram feed and you will immediately understand why she is one of the most stunning entertainers in Africa.

The American-born Kenyan singer, Victoria Kimani, is a bonafide ‘fashion killer’ and a ‘slay queen’ in addition to being an enchantress.

She spoke to Bongo5 about her fashion sense and revealed the process and inspiration behind her endless killer looks.

Looking at your pictures, especially on Instagram, one would be inclined to think you spend quite a fortune to look good all the time. What’s your budget on a weekly basis for example?

Victoria: “Well, creativity is free, I actually dont spend too much money on fashion, I get many things custom made and design many things myself.”

Do you do your own makeup?

Victoria: “Yes I do my own makeup most of the time unless there’s a major event to do, I also do most of my own hair coloring and styling”

What or who inspires your style and fashion?

“I get inspiration from my music, It opens up my imagination to try and create looks that are unique to me. I try not to do something that other people have done recently and I go out of my way to set trends rather than follow. It is a challenge because there truly is nothing new under the sun, but its a very big part of my brand to be original and open minded in my fashion and beauty.”

Photos courtesy/Instagram:@heeniephotography

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