Martha Karua Mourns Death of Niece Killed in Tragic Mombasa Road Accident

April 26, 2017

NARC-Kenya Party Leader Martha Karua is mourning the death of her niece, Marcia Wawira Mwangi, who perished in a grisly road accident along Mombasa road on Sunday, April 22.

Marcia, who was a Fourth Year student at Daystar University, was rushed to Nairobi West Hospital in critical condition after the car she and four of her friends were traveling in, hit a trailer on the rear and rolled over.

“Marcia’s knee had been hurt badly and so the doctors decided to do a surgery on the knee. After the surgery, she couldn’t wake up.  She was then taken to the ICU where she was under oxygen support but unfortunately, she couldn’t make it,” a student who was in hospital with her told Daystar University’s publication Involvement News.

Taking to social media on Monday, Martha Karua mourned Marcia writing: “Marcia Wawira Mwangi, my beloved niece, succumbed today to injuries following a road accident. She will forever live in our hearts.”

Marcia’s passing comes a day after one of her friends, Arnold Mutisya, who was driving the car, died on the spot in the morning incident.

According to reports, Mutisya was trying to overtake a trailer on Mombasa Road, when he rammed into the trailer’s rear wheels, consequently losing control of the car, which careened off the road and rolled severally before landing into a ditch.

The students were coming from club 1824 on Lang’ata road after the annual Daystar Star of Excellence Awards ceremony (SOEA), which took place at Two Rivers Mall Saturday night (April 22).

The survivors of the accident were rushed to Shalom Hospital for first aid treatment before being transferred to Nairobi West Hospital, where Marcia Wawira was pronounced dead.

One of the students is still admitted at the Nairobi West Hospital, while the other two were treated for minor injuries and discharged.

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