PREDICTION: Sonko To Wipe The Floor With Peter Kenneth

April 26, 2017

From the trend we have seen in other counties, particularly Kiambu, it’s clear the kind of leaders Kenyans want.

In 2013, the governor’s seat was marketed as a position that should be held by managers or as they called them ‘CEOs’. That’s how Kidero beat Waititu who was then seen as a ‘hooligan’.

But after 5 years of judging the ‘managers’ they elected, Kenyans are tired of that narrative. They have now shown that they don’t want people with ‘Kizungu mingi’, but those who understand them and speak their language.

Unfortunately, Peter Kenneth does not fit this bill. He is incredibly out of touch with the commoners. The last few days he has tried to do a few TV interviews, making a point to address the people he thinks will turn up to vote in the nominations.

He has spoken kindly of hawkers, saying they are also humans and removing them from the city without a relocation plan will not happen under him. He has also said how water will be free in the slums.. among other goodies targeting the ‘voting class’.

However, listening to him the last few days, it’s clear his charisma is at an all time low. Perhaps he is tired, or maybe the opinion polls don’t seem to be favouring him. Or perhaps he has realized he can’t match Sonko’s deeds over the past 10 years.

There have been behind the scenes talks to have Sonko pull out of the race, and that can only be explained by the senator’s popularity. Otherwise why else would PK fear fighting it out with Sonko at the ballot

In a little over 24 hours, the results for Nairobi will start trickling in.

Our prediction is that Sonko will beat Peter Kenneth. Not just beat, but literally wipe the floor with him. The gap Waiguru gave his competitors in Kirinyaga will be child’s play.

The people who PK appeals to are in their jobs working, while the people who love Sonko are willing to queue the whole day to cast their votes.

Of course there’s a chance we might be wrong.

What do you think?

Who will win the Nairobi Jubilee nomination?

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