Man Fined Sh10K for Having Affair With Another Man’s Wife

April 5, 2017

Elders of Musingini village, Embu county have fined a 30-Year-Old man Sh10,000 after he was found guilty of having an illicit affair with another man’s wife.

The man was busted after he entered the woman’s matrimonial house at night and spent several hours inside.

A neighbour who saw the man walk into the house summoned neighbours, who then ordered the man out of the house.

He confessed to having an affair with the 29-year old mother of three.

An elder’s meeting held on Tuesday to settle the case found the man guilty and fined him Sh10,000.

The amount was shared equally between the aggrieved husband and the 10 elders- who pocketed Sh500 each.

According to one of the elders, the woman, who denied having an affair with the man throughout the proceeding, claimed the man was just passing by and was exchanging pleasantries when the suspicious neighbours raised alarm.

Incidentally, the aggrieved husband divorced his first wife for cheating on him.

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