I Wish I Married the Cop Who Killed Thugs in Eastleigh…Gaza Boys Shot my Friend in the Head and Laughed

April 4, 2017

As the debate on whether it’s right for police to execute alleged criminals continues to get heated, more and more Nairobians are coming out to share their harrowing experiences with members of the notorious ‘Super Power’ and ‘Gaza’ gangs.

Yesterday we conducted a poll asking whether you support police executions. More than 70% of those who took the poll said YES.

You can still vote on that HERE.

Another proponent of the ‘Yes’ argument has emerged with her side of the story on why justice was served in the Eastleigh incident over the weekend.

One Tracy Wairimu has narrated how members of Gaza gang murdered her friend in broad daylight and laughed about it.

Read the post below:


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