Watch Joho Tell Uhuru: I Will Go Where My People Go Whether You Like it or Not

March 17, 2017

Mombasa County Governor Ali Hassan Joho has responded to President Uhuru Kenyatta saying he will follow his people whether the Head of State likes it or not.

Joho’s response comes days after Uhuru told him to focus on issues affecting the people of Mombasa instead of following him around as if he were his wife.

The president was in Mombasa for the re-opening of Mtongwe ferry service where police officers had earlier barred the controversial governor from attending the presidential event.

Responding to Uhuru on Thursday at a rally in Taita Taveta, Joho said that he has the mandate to go where his people are.

Mimi najua pale unaishi…siwezi kuja, sitaki kuja … mimi najua penye kuna ikulu…siwezi kuja, sitaki kuja … lakini mahali kuna wanainchi wangu, wanaonipigia kura kama governor wa Mombasa, nitawatumikiwa kama uko hapa kama hauko, ukitaka usitake,” said Joho.

This loosely translates to: “I know where you live but I can’t come and I don’t want to…I know where the State House is but I can’t come and I don’t want to..But where my people are, who elected me as governor of Mombasa, I will serve them whether you are here or not, whether you want it or don’t.”

Joho further claimed that he is not afraid of anyone and cannot be intimidated.

Watch the video below:

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