VIDEO: Watch Padi Wubonn’s Ribracking Parody of ‘Muziki’ Dubbed ‘Uchawi Riziki’

March 27, 2017

The single ‘Muziki’ by Darassa is without a doubt one of the most popular tracks of the year. Following it’s immense popularity and massive airplay, it was only a matter of time before Kenya’s comic acts came through with a parody.

Comedia Padi Wubonn has done exactly that. Padi, through veteran parody-maker Kajairo’s entertainment outfit, has shot a video for the parody dubbed ‘Uchawi Riziki.’

He creatively and hilariously turns the party song into a song about the activities and lifestyles of witchdoctors. The only outcome is hilarity, proving once again that Padi is claiming Kajairo’s throne as the King of parodies.

Watch ‘Uchawi Riziki’ below:

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