VIDEO – SGR Passenger Locomotive Reaches Incredible Top Speed During Testing

March 6, 2017

Two months after the arrival of the first batch of the SGR locomotives, tests have begun and are ongoing ahead of June 1 when operations are expected to begin.

However, commercial operations will start in 2018.

In total, 56 locomotives have been ordered. Most of them (43) have been allocated to freight-DF8B, with the passenger DF11 locomotives totaling only 5. The remaining 8 DF7G will be used for shunting operations.

The DF11 passenger locomotive, according to government PSCU,  represents the realization of high-speed passenger transportation in China. It is the highest scientific and technological achievement by the Chinese diesel locomotive industry, and whose power is rated at 3100KW and a maximum speed of up to 160km/h.

While the aesthetics of the locomotives have failed to impress a majority of Kenyans, the speed may just win over the critics.

During testing operations over the weekend, a passenger locomotive attained a top speed of 156 km/h.

A video of the locomotive speeding on the tracks was shared by Kenya Railways on social media, leaving Kenyans impressed.

Watch below:

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