The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday March 23)

March 23, 2017

Here are some of the stories making headlines today.

BREAKING NEWS: Police open fire outside the House of Commons

Armed Police have opened fire and shot a person outside the Houses of Parliament. Several shots were fired at around 2.35pm. Two bodies were visible on the floor. The House of Commons was suspended by Speaker John Bercow.

Body in the River Thames and maniac ‘plunging knife’ into policeman

One person dead and 12 more injured including some with catastrophic injuries Witnesses saw 4×4 tearing over Westminster Bridge sending victims like skittles One man was thrown off and seen lying face down in the Thames in aftermath Driver crashed into railing by Parliament and then sprinted into Parliament Terrorist then ‘plunged’ his knife into policeman before before being shot twice Terrified witnesses today described watching a terrorist using a 4×4 as a weapon sending pedestrians flying like skittles including one victim who was thrown from Westminster Bridge and left floating face down in the Thames.

How the London terror unfolded

This is the path of destruction in London on Wednesday when pedestrians on Westminster Bridge.

Theresa May ‘was bundled into a car and taken from Parliament’

Mrs May seen being bundled into the back seat of her silver Jaguar at 2.30pm PM driven out of Parliament grounds at high speed away from Downing Street Prime Minister Theresa May was rushed out of Parliament as it came under terrorist attack.

Dramatic videos capture the moment London terror attack unfolded

4×4 car reportedly hit about dozen people on Westminster Bridge this afternoon An attacker then broke into the grounds of the Parliament and stabbed officer Two people are dead and several more were injured after the ‘terror attack’ Videos, captured by tourists, journalists and workers, show chaotic aftermath At least two people are dead after a terror attack in the heart of Westminster.

Deadly attack outside UK Parliament

Police have launched a “full counter-terrorism investigation” after an attacker rammed a car into crowds of people and stabbed a police officer.

Trump today: Live updates on health care and Gorsuch

There are two major stories in politics today: GOP’s plan to repeal and replace Obamacare and Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing. We’re covering both live.

North Korean missile launch fails, US and South Korea say

US officials confirmed North Korea had attempted to launch a missile near Kalma, on the country’s east coast, but early reports suggest it failed. “South Korea and the US are aware of the missile launch and to their knowledge North Korea’s missile was not successfully launched,” South Korea’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

Girl meets Pope. Girl steals his hat.

When her family took her to meet the Pope after his Wednesday audience, she tried to steal his skullcap! Video shows a Vatican aide, known as a Papal Gentleman, lifting Estella to meet the Pope. As the Pope plants a kiss on Estella, she reaches for his zucchetto and plucks it off his head.

Could we trick the brain to stop tinnitus?

Tinnitus can be constant or intermittent, steady or pulsating. It might be perceived in one ear or both, or in the middle of the head. Some people may even think the noise is coming from an external source and look for its origin until discovering the sound is in fact, generated inside them!

Tourist dives to Titanic wreck to begin 2018

More than a century later, it still is. Deep-pocketed tourists will once again get the chance to explore the Titanic wreckage when London-based travel company Blue Marble Private begins dives to the site in May 2018. Interest in the 20th century’s most famous maritime disaster has remained high since Robert Ballard and his team discovered the remains of RMS Titanic almost 32 years ago.

Organic farming: facts and fiction

Many people — from consumers and farmers to scientists and international organizations — believe that organic agriculture can produce enough nutritious food to feed the world without destroying the environment, while being more resilient to climate change and improving the livelihoods of farmers.

28-Year-Old Computer Guru Who Hacked KRA Sytem and Stole Sh4 Billion

28-year-old Alex Mutungi Mutuku was on Tuesday charged with hacking into the Kenya Revenue Authority system and causing loss of about Sh4 billion. He is accused of committing the offense between March 2015 and March this year. Mr Mutungi denied charges of electronic fraud and interference with

Old Video Shows Sonko Praising and Endorsing Peter Kenneth for Nairobi Governor

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is in the middle of a big fight with fellow gubernatorial aspirant Peter Kenneth. Sonko has been under pressure from some quarters to drop out of the race to pave way for PK’s nomination.

REVEALED: How Three Safari Park Hotel Employees Allegedly Stole Over Sh16 Million from Hotel

Three Safari Park Hotel employees have been charged with jointly stealing over Sh 16 Million from the hotel. IT supervisor George Gatura and cashiers Anne Aketch and Caroline Wangui are accused of jointly stealing Sh2.2milion on diverse dates between April 16 and July 2 last year by virtue of the

Over-excited little girl steals the Pope’s hat off his head

Little kids have 10 times the energy most adults have. Put them in contact with a famous person, and anything can happen. MountainButorac, a Catholic blogger, recently took his goddaughter to see Pope Francis II in Rome. And the lucky little one didn’t just get to see him, she got close enough to receive a kiss from the head of the Catholic Church.

We tried to post fake news on Facebook, this is what happened

Facebook is rolling out its new tool against fake news. The feature, announced in December is the result of collaboration with “third-party fact-checking organisations.” Designed to combat to the spread of misinformation on the platform, it warns users when they try to post fake stories.

With this special dock, the Galaxy S8 could transform into a ‘real’ computer

The whole turn-your-phone-into-a-desktop-PC concept isn’t quite dead after all. When Microsoft tried to turn your phone into a desktop PC with Continuum, it ultimately failed because, well, Windows 10 Mobile flopped. Now Samsung’s reportedly planning to take a stab at the idea with its upcoming Galaxy S8.

Adorable story of star-crossed babies born in the same hospital goes viral

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is the quintessential story about young love. However, this tale of this Romeo and Juliet is as young as it gets. Photographer Cassie Clayshulte was working at the Coastal Carolina Hospital when she came across two infants born within twenty four hours of each other.

Instagram had a crazy 2016. With 1 million advertisers, here’s what’s up in 2017.

2016 was the “defining year for Instagram,” says James Quarles, Instagram’s VP of Business. The Facebook-owned app got a new interface (black and white), a new logo (bright colors) and a new product that sounds and looks quite a bit like Snapchat Stories. To sound like a TV ad (or an Instagram spokesperson), that’s not all!

Meet the Ethiopian community getting access to clean water for the first time

For two months out of every year, villagers in Adi Etot live comfortably. Crops flourish in the northern Ethiopian community, and natural springs teem with water. Though the water isn’t clean, it’s easy to collect. But for the remaining 10 months of the year, water is scarce.

Once again, Trump makes one of his old tweets ‘fake news’

Anyone who has ever spent any amount of time on Twitter knows that other Twitter users are really just ravenous, blood-thirsty beasts who are waiting for you to slip up and contradict yourself so they can rub it in your face and taunt you about being a hypocrite. Ask Mike Pence.

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