PHOTOS – Billionaire Politician Ephraim Maina Arrives in Chopper to Launch Wooden Bridge in Nyeri

March 14, 2017

Like we always ask, what do we as Kenyans do wrong to deserve most of our political leaders?

In addition to corruption, misuse of public funds, impunity and several other vices, Kenyan leaders can also, without any apologies, use their “deep pockets” to display a worrying arrogance and general unconcern for the lives of the common mwananchi.

That arrogance was best seen recently when prominent politician and billionaire businessman Ephriam Maina arrived in a chopper at a sleepy village in Kabaru Ward, Nyeri County.

With such a grand and noisy entrance, any citizen would expect a handful of gifts and goodies, right? Not the residents of Kabaru ward.

Instead, the former Mathira MP and owner of the multi-billion Kirinyaga Construction Company Ltd, fuelled one of his three choppers to fly to the ward to launch a wooden bridge.

Pictures of the ‘grand opening’ which have been circulating on social media, captured fun fare as Mr Maina cut a ribbon to officially commission a bridge whose construction cost was probably cheaper than the fuel used to fly Mr Maina’s chopper to the event.

It will be remembered that, prior to the death of former Nyeri governor Nderitu Gachagua, Mr Maina was instrumental and spent millions in pushing for the impeachment of the late Governor Gachagua.

In one of his bids to wrestle the seat from Gachagua, a power-hungry Mr Maina was conned millions of shillings by political brokers and wheeler-dealers from Nairobi in a well-orchestrated scheme to influence Governor Gachagua’s impeachment.

Mr Maina is now one of the several billionaires looking to bag the Nyeri governor seat in August, and his trip to Kabaru ward was part of his campaign to endear himself to the voters.

Unless the bridge is exactly what the locals ordered, hii ni madharau!! And the saddest thing about it all is that there will be people who will still vote for him to be their next governor.

Mungu atuokoe!

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